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Malarstwo - Barbara Bielecka-Woźniczko
Data: Czwartek, 05. maja 2016, 13:35:37
Studia na Wydziale Grafiki warszawskiej Akademii Sztuk Pięknych w pracowni plakatu prof. Henryka Tomaszewskiego oraz w pracowni malarstwa prof. Jerzego Tchórzewskiego. Dyplom w 1974 roku. Zajmuje się malarstwem i grafiką użytkową. Należy do sekcji malarstwa oraz grup twórczych: Symfonia, PositiveArt i Art Visual Dance w ramach Warszawskiego Okręgu ZPAP. Współorganizuje wystawy Grupy Symfonia. Pełni funkcję kuratora wystaw organizowanych w ursynowskiej Galerii U oraz DAP w Warszawie. Prowadzi także działalność pedagogiczną. Została wyróżniona odznaką "Zasłużonego Działacza Kultury" przez Ministra Kultury. Jako finalistka konkursu Muza 2015 – Magdalena Abakanowicz twórczość jej jest objęta Patronatem Medialnym/Artystycznym Art Imperium - Artistic Guarantee of Art Imperium. Prezentowała swoje prace na kilkudziesięciu wystawach zbiorowych, sekcyjnych oraz ponad 20 indywidualnych w kraju i za granicą.
Offers art - services and order and galleries of works by artists of self-promotion
Data: Czwartek, 08. września 2011, 10:07:16
Offers arts - the order and services of artists (amateur and professional), works of art galleries, cultural events from all artistic disciplines: architecture and interior design, calligraphy, ceramics and glass art, crafts, dance, decoupage, fashion, fabric, felt, graphics and drawing, industrial design, jewelry, literature, music, other, painting, photography, renovation of art, sacred art, sculpture, stage design, theater, itp. . selfpromotion. Search, publish, use. Artstreet.EU
Albert Oszek - Gallery Art Alberto
Data: Wtorek, 14. grudnia 2010, 19:51:14
Albert Oszek - Motive of my works is a drama of an individual as well as its implication, of which he is often unaware, in the consumption-driven life-style promoted by the media. My artistic activity widely refers to the multi-dimensional picture of contemporary condition. Motive of my works is a "drama" of an individual as well as its implication, of which he is often unaware, in the consumption-driven life-style promoted by the media. There is also an attempt to find an analogy between the totemic symbol and logotype, mainly the one that uses animal symbols " this is an additional aspect that affects the formal shape of nature and culture. In my opinion there is an analogy between religion and branding as in the commercial world branding may have and actually has as fervent followers as those who actually believe in a religion.
Art and Design by Krystof Stoklasek - TatraArtStudio
Data: Niedziela, 26. września 2010, 19:47:26
Design and Refurbishments of Domestic and Commercial Interiors. Paintings, drawings and photography by artist Krystof Stoklasek. TatraArtStudio
Widelski Andrzej Antoni
Data: Czwartek, 03. lipca 2008, 15:56:55
Andrzej Widelski. Study: The Art Institute at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. Fine art degree painting in Professor Marian Stelmasiks studio in 1982. In 2000 he gained the grant of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for painting programme, which was inspired by the Book of Revelation. He is a curator and an organizer of competition Painting and Sculpture-Autograph in Lublin. He co-organized local prize Angelus in Lublin and he projected its statue. In 2006 made the project B. Schulzs epitaph and its unveiling took place during II International Brunon Schulz Festival in Drohobych. He has reached over 24 individual exhibitions and about 80 group expositions including painting and graphic. He arranged several own projects in sacral buildings. He got quite a lot of awards in graphic competitions. His works are in State Museum in Majdanek including Museum in Lublin.
IndygoArtist - Joanna Łupicka
Data: Poniedziałek, 23. czerwca 2008, 21:23:18
Witaj w zaczarowanym świecie wyobraźni... Portal Polskich Artystów Plastyków przedstawia galerię internetową Joanny Łupickiej: malarstwo ścienne, motyle obrazy, obrazki, pokoje dziecięce, projekty, szkło, ubrania, ubrania- motocykle ubrania- motocykle. GALERIA INDYGO ARTIST
Leszek Kazimierz Piotrowski
Data: Niedziela, 18. maja 2008, 00:31:06
Leszek Kazimierz Piotrowski, born 19th December 1984 in Gdynia, Poland. Studies at the European Academy of Arts In Warsaw. Leszek Piotrowski is dealing with realistic painting. He observes traditional technologies and technics ( canvas, primes,oils ). Figurative painting plays dominative role among his art works, but there are also portraits, landscapes and drawings. He feels best by creating big and very big scale paintings. With an unusual freedom he makes copies of old masters. By watching his paintings we find universality and vitality of great art. Dash, block intuition,rich colour palette and first of all : light and shade game characterize his works. Paintings and drawings associate with the climate of old masters, we find soul affinity with Caravaggio, Rembrandt,Vermeer and Rubens. However, it does not result from blind imitation or deliberate artistic intention but it is a sign of an unusual artistic instinct of this very young painter, who only starts his professional career.
ZUJEWICZ - Painting and Photography
Data: Sobota, 08. marca 2008, 10:36:24
Andrzej Zujewicz was born in Zabrze in 1971. In 1991 he successfully graduated from State Lyceum of Arts in Katowice. Between 1991 and 1997 Zujewicz was studying at Faculty of Graphic Arts and Painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. He got his painting diploma with distinction at the workshop of prof. Włodzimierz Kunz in 1997. After his studies he moved to Suwałki Land, to the village of Żubrówka. He started his work as an instructor and a therapist in Activity Workshop for Disabled People in Suwałki. Since 2000 he has been working at the Regional Culture and Arts Centre in Suwałki, where he organizes exhibitions the modern arts gallery "Chłodna 20" and "PAcamera". He is occupied by painting, drawing, graphic arts and artistic photography.
TRZYBULSKA - ceramics
Data: Sobota, 08. marca 2008, 10:25:27
Barbara Trzybulska - 1990 - 95 Faculty of Ceramic and Glass at the Academy of Fine Arts, Wrocław, Poland. My occupation is artistic ceramics, or to be more precise - ceramic painting. I am interested in problems related to painting rather than sculpture, and mostly in ceramics. What I do can be divided into a few areas, one of them being bottles. They come the closest to the very idea of ceramics. Due to their size, they are not used for purely practical purposes but mostly for decoration.
ARTISTCOPY - profesjonalne kopie
Data: Środa, 20. lutego 2008, 19:23:46
Zapraszam na stronę www.artistcopy.netgaleria.pl

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